How is Stroke Alert organized?

Stroke Alert has several strong regional groups from coast to coast.  These groups usually meet two or three times before Stroke Alert Day in order to coordinate their activities.  We hope to make this website a better tool for communcation as well.  We are actively seeking to introduce a "virtual committee" structure as well.

1. The primary means of organization is through this Website and regional meetings which usually involve Stroke Coordinators, Stroke physicians and healthcare public relations specialists but could involve any interested individual. All volunteer their time. This group needs to coordinate the media portion of the local Stroke Alert and organize multi-institutional events occuring in prominent public places such as train stations, high schools, malls, etc. It also decides on and arranges for the full-page newspaper ads.

2. This Stroke Alert webpage is structured as a database to provide you with all of the tools you need to Sign Up as a Partner, list your stroke related Events and News Releases and contribute Educational Materials, Graphic images and Great Ideas. All contact names, events, ideas and materials can be downloaded from this site for free. Each functionality improves with time based on your feedback.

3. We are currently seeking ways of having Stroke Alert self-organize as it grows. Towards this end, all Partners have recently received an email so that everyone is involved in the strategic decision process. Another good reason to Register!